Letter to the chair of the select committee on the future of work and workers

16 March 2018

The Business Council commends the Senate for establishing the Select Committee on the Future of Work and Workers. We consider the matters raised by the Committee to be of utmost importance to the future prosperity and quality of life of Australians.

Business Council members are currently undertaking a significant project and serious piece of work on the ‘future of work’.

We encourage the Select Committee to be careful and clear in how it presents change to the community. If we can adapt and manage change well, the future of work holds the promise of higher living standards and more meaningful work. We should focus on the policy settings that will help us adapt to change, not try to hold it back.

The Select Committee’s final report should also recognise that businesses know change is coming, and accept their responsibility to support their workforces to transition.

They do, however, need a wider ‘system’ – primarily shaped by governments – that supports them in exercising their responsibility.

Letter to Murray Watt - select committee on the future of work and workers

Letter to Murray Watt - Attachment 1


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