Australia at work

Businesses are the backbone of a thriving country.

Businesses are the backbone of a thriving country.

They create jobs and opportunities, employing 10 million of the 12 million Australians who work. They innovate, export and support vibrant local communities.

But who is business? It’s the worker on the check-out who relies on their pay packet from the biggest employer in town – the supermarket. It’s the small business owner who supplies the snacks to one of the airlines. It’s the teenager who has their first job at the local fast-food outlet, and the farmers who provide fresh produce. It’s a lot of people and businesses, big and small.

Business is the almost six million Australians with shares in Australian companies, and whose retirements depend on those businesses continuing to grow and prosper.

When business works, Australia works.

Australia at Work is a campaign to restore Australians’ sense of hope and rekindle their aspirations for themselves and their families.

It’s about recognising and applauding the contribution business makes every day.