Businesses unite to bring Australia one shot closer

20 September 2021

The Business Council is bringing together employers of all sizes from across the economy to boost vaccination rates and get the nation one shot closer to the things we love.

Supported by Facebook, the campaign aims to reach at least 80 per cent of Australians and give every business in the country access to a toolkit of messages and assets to let them speak with a united voice. 

“Every person we get vaccinated brings us one shot closer to bringing Australians back together and letting us all get on with our lives,” Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“The one shot closer campaign is carefully researched and geared to complement existing state and federal advertising with messages that remind Australians that safe and effective vaccines are our path back.

“This is critical to the economy and the mental health and wellbeing of all Australians.

“Business across the country are pulling out all stops to reach our vaccination targets and put Australia on track to reopen,” Ms Westacott said.

Facebook Australia and New Zealand Managing Director Will Easton said: "Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we've supported Aussie businesses and our community in staying connected during these challenging times.

“As the vaccine rollout continues to gather pace, the business community has a role to play in encouraging Aussies to get vaccinated as we return to normal life.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer our support to the ‘One Shot Closer’ campaign and help the Business Council of Australia amplify this important message on our platforms."

Council of Small Business Organisations chief executive Alexi Boyd said: “Small business know that vaccinations prevent serious illness in our community and ensure our health system can properly treat those impacted.

“Without a clear roadmap out of COVID restrictions small businesses will struggle to reopen and stay open.

“This initiative will help small businesses by encouraging more Australians to get jabbed, get our communities flourishing again and support Australian businesses!”

Restaurant & Catering Australia chief executive Wes Lambert said: “Whether it's a meal with friends at a restaurant or a coffee at your local café - getting vaccinated is the best way to getting back to the things we love.

“The national vaccine rollout gives the hospitality sector a pathway to bring Australians together again after this incredibly tough time. This campaign will help encourage all Australians go get and get their jab so that we can open our doors and then keep them open for good.”

Australian Food & Grocery Council chief executive Tanya Barden said: “Food and grocery manufacturers strongly support vaccination as the key to not only health outcomes but also ensuring continuity of food and grocery supplies to supermarkets, food charities, health and aged care facilities.

“Vaccination will protect the food and grocery workers that produce and distribute products to all Australians everyday. We are one shot closer to communities coming together and to more security in the supply of food and groceries.”

Tourism & Transport Forum (TTF) chief executive Margy Osmand said: "TTF is delighted to support BCA’s campaign for Australia to ‘get one shot closer’ to reopening by encouraging everyone who is eligible and able to become fully vaccinated against COVID-19. For TTF, this will allow tourism, transport and aviation and the many jobs that our sector supports to begin recovering as part of the wider reopening of the national economy. If supported over the year ahead, our industry will be critical to a renewing Australia, but we can only reopen if remaining eligible Australians are vaccinated as a priority. Let’s get this done!”

The campaign launch comes as more than 160 businesses employing millions of Australians sign the Business Council’s joint letter backing the National Plan.

“We have shown we can bounce back if we plan now to safely reopen, but that all depends on our ability to get Australians vaccinated,” Ms Westacott said.


Download the one shot closer toolkit


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