Business welcomes NSW’s common-sense changes to workers compensation legislation

14 November 2021

Proposed common sense changes to workers compensation laws in New South Wales announced today recognise that how we manage the virus must change, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“The vaccines dramatically reduce the risk of serious illness, but we know as restrictions are eased cases will go up and it won’t always be clear where the virus was contracted.

“Under the current emergency measures, enacted in the early days of the pandemic, any worker with COVID is assumed to have contracted it at work.

“Removing this presumption recognises that as the community is vaccinated and freedoms are restored, we have to live alongside the virus.

“As they have throughout the pandemic, businesses are working to protect workers, suppliers and customers by putting in place COVIDSafe plans and helping to roll-out the vaccine booster program.

“We commend the NSW Government for acting decisively to introduce this legislation and encourage all parties to support its passage as soon as possible.’’


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