Business welcomes energy announcements

25 February 2019

The government’s announcement today that it will provide additional funding to help deliver a second Bass Straight Interconnector is a welcome step towards a more stable and reliable energy system that allows Australia to meet its international commitments, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“Investing in the technology that we know works to unlock the energy supply that we know we already have is sensible step. For mainland Australians it means more supply and greater reliability, while for Tasmanians it unlocks the opportunity to capitalise on their existing and potentially new energy resources.

“A second interconnector has the potential to give mainland Australia greater capacity to deal with periods of high demand. This is the kind of common sense investment that can make a real difference to Australians.

“Other measures announced today include additional funding for the Emissions Reduction Fund, this is a sensible step towards ensuring that Australia can meet its Paris agreement targets.

“Today’s announcements, if we get the settings right to encourage investment in the sector, are a step in the right direction. Business is ready to work with political leaders to deliver the much needed durable national energy policy Australia needs to deliver affordable, reliable energy and to meet our international commitments.”  


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