Business Council welcomes AUKMIN statement embracing trade and co-operation

27 July 2017

“The strong commitment from both Australian and United Kingdom today to the principles of trade and co-operation, along with the acknowledgment that this is our prime avenue to prosperity, is welcome” said Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott in response to the joint AUKMIN press conference today.

“Both Boris Johnson and Julie Bishop have acknowledged that while calls for protectionism are becoming increasingly loud, trade remains the best avenue to shared prosperity here in Australia and in the United Kingdom.

“Australia has long been and must remain a global leader, along with friends like the United Kingdom, in demonstrating the advantages of free and open trade between nations.”

“An open trading system is Australia’s lifeblood – more investment and more trade will see real incomes and living standards grow for all Australians.

“The joint UK-Australian statement rightly points out that now, with the voices of protectionism becoming increasingly loud, is the time to redouble our efforts in co-operating and liberalising global trade.”


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