Business Council welcomes an Australian modern slavery act

10 May 2018

The announcement today that the government will move to introduce an Australian Modern Slavery Act is welcome action on ending the scourge of modern slavery, says Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott.

“Increased global trade has lifted millions out of poverty and delivered higher standards of living to all Australians but it has also increased the risk that supply chains have been tainted by the use of forced labour.

“The Business Council is proud to have been a long-standing and vocal supporter of an Australian Modern Slavery Act.

“Business Council members have taken a leadership role in combatting modern slavery, and we look forward to working with the new Anti-Slavery Business Engagement Unit to share best practice and collectively lift Australia’s performance.

“Modern slavery is abhorrent and business stands ready to work with the government towards ending the practice. We are committed to identifying forced labour and weeding it out of tainted supply chains.

“The government has taken a sensible approach, harnessing transparency to drive better practice and reveal which companies are working to maintain clean supply chains.

“We also commend the government for leading by example and extending the same reporting requirements to the federal government’s public procurement.”


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