Business Council statement on the west gate bridge tunnel project

“Victoria’s stop-start record on infrastructure delivery is becoming a major concern.

 “The West Gate Tunnel project has been through an extensive planning assessment process and has all necessary contracts in place. It will reduce travel times, provide an alternative route to the West Gate Bridge, get hundreds of trucks off local roads and create 6000 jobs during construction.

“Governments and Oppositions are entitled to disagree on policy, but at some point the government of the day has to be able to get on with delivering the infrastructure the community so desperately needs.

“The business community calls on the Victorian parliament to provide the regulatory certainty needed to deliver the project.”

“The cost of delaying yet another major transport project in Victoria would be immense.

“Stopping the West Gate Tunnel Project will do nothing to fix the problems of congestion on the West Gate Bridge or improve freight networks and travel times for long-suffering commuters in Melbourne’s west.”

“It would deliver a crushing blow to investor confidence in Victoria.

“You cannot just turn on the tap and expect infrastructure investment to flow. It will be years before another project of this scale will be ready to be built. If and when that happens, the State will face higher costs and the project is likely to take much longer to build.”

“We need all parties in Victoria to work towards growing the state economy and enhancing Melbourne’s liveability and to reject options that could cause the cancellation or delay of this important project.”