Building Australia's comparative advantages: A 21st century agrifood sector

30 November 2015

Building Australia’s Comparative Advantages: A 21st Century Agrifood Sector, the first sector ‘deep dive’ flowing from the 2014 Building Australia’s Comparative Advantages report.

The paper focuses on how we can realise the enormous potential of Australia’s agrifood sector as the preferred source of high quality, safe and premium food for the growing markets in our region.

Achieving this requires a shift in mindset and approach from government and industry from a focus on agriculture alone to one that encompasses the broader agrifood sector.

The paper outlines a comprehensive reform agenda for the sector based around three core themes:

• Developing international markets.

• Encouraging business investment, and

• Building sector competitiveness.

The agrifood sector is well placed to be one of the most internationally competitive and successful parts of our economy.

The prize is well worth the combined efforts from governments, businesses and the farming community that are outlined in this report.







Building Australia's Comparative Advantages

Media Release

BCA Sets Out a Vision for a 21st Century Agrifood Sector


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