Berejiklian government sets the standard

22 June 2021

The Berejiklian government has delivered a common sense budget that continues to support a strong business-led recovery that creates new jobs, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“NSW is setting the standard for creating opportunities. While some jurisdictions are talking about reform, NSW is acting.

“The state is ahead of the pack, proving that the best way to repair the budget and start paying down debt is a pro-business approach to growing the economy.

“Alongside the state’s world class management of the virus, this budget helps propel NSW out of the pandemic and lays the foundations for a jobs-led recovery.

“The $108.5 billion investment in infrastructure will transform the state including more than $1 billion for the development of the high-tech Bradfield City Centre in Sydney’s west which will be a hub for the jobs and industries of the future.

“New incentives and targets to drive the uptake of electric vehicles and continue our transition to net-zero emissions have been carefully designed to keep the system that funds road infrastructure fair.   

“In stark contrast to Victoria’s recent budget, NSW has announced new investment in mental health while reducing the payroll tax burden that makes it harder for many businesses to create jobs.

“The big reforms to drive new investment, modernise the tax system and prepare the state for the future will deliver long term growth complemented by investment in skills to enable people to study a mix of technical and university subjects and match people to in-demand jobs.”


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