BCA appoints HSBC Australia and New Zealand Chief Executive Antony Shaw as new Chair of Global Engagement Committee

02 July 2024

The Business Council of Australia has appointed HSBC Australia and New Zealand Chief Executive Antony Shaw as the new Chair of its Global Engagement Committee. 

Mr Shaw replaces Warwick Smith AO, who will be retiring from the role as Chair.

BCA Chief Executive Bran Black said Mr Shaw would lead the BCA’s Global Engagement Committee and would assist in identifying future opportunities for Australian companies to diversify trade options and expand into new markets.

“The BCA prioritises growing greater economic partnerships with countries right around the globe, including with China, India and Southeast Asian nations, and Antony’s expertise will be essential in driving new relationships, investment and trade opportunities for Australian businesses,” Mr Black said.

“Antony’s experience in regional and emerging markets – gained over a two-decade career at leading global bank and financial services provider HSBC – will also strengthen our collective efforts in identifying where policy changes can make Australia more competitive in the global economy.”

As highlighted by the recent Australia-China CEO Roundtable in Perth, attended by Chinese Premier Li Qiang and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, the BCA, which facilitated the event, is committed to growing dialogue and partnerships which link businesses globally.

Commenting on his appointment, HSBC Australia and New Zealand Chief Executive Antony Shaw said the committee would focus on keeping Australia internationally competitive and finding new opportunities to facilitate trade and investment through new and existing partnerships.

“I am proud to be appointed Chair of the Business Council’s Global Engagement Committee and am excited by the prospect of opening up further global opportunities for Australian businesses,” Mr Shaw said.

“Australia has enjoyed an enviable economic position. We remain internationally competitive and an attractive investment destination, however we cannot be complacent.

“The international landscape is ultra-competitive. It will be Australia’s strong ties with our regional neighbours and economic partners further afield which will help drive our next phase of economic growth and two-way trade and investment.

Mr Black also noted the key role Mr Smith has played as the longstanding Chair of the Global Engagement Committee.

“I’d like to thank Warwick for his commitment to the BCA and the efforts he has personally made in strengthening Australian business-to-business ties with key trading partners,” he said.

“Warwick will continue to play a critical role in the BCA’s global engagement strategy as a lifetime honorary member and we value his commitment to furthering Australia’s economic prosperity.

The Global Engagement Committee brings together Business Council of Australia members from a range of sectors to collaborate and identify opportunities for Australian businesses in the global economy.


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