BCA Welcomes National Energy Plan

25 June 2004

The BCA welcomed today’s energy policy announced by the federal government, saying it believed it would go a long way towards delivering long-term energy security and competitive energy costs for Australia.

BCA President, Mr Hugh Morgan, said cost-efficient and secure energy supplies were a fundamental, strategic issue for Australia’s continuing development, as well the basis for competitive living standards for all Australians.

Yet Australia’s natural advantage in terms of access to a range of low-cost energy sources had been undermined by the continuing ad hoc and fragmented approach to securing the country’s energy needs.

“It is untenable that Australia should continue to plan its national energy needs, in terms of security of supply and future energy investment, on the basis of the current patchwork of planning and regulatory arrangements,” Mr Morgan said.

“The BCA, on behalf of Australia’s largest businesses, has long been calling for a comprehensive, national energy policy to guide long-term energy planning and investment.

“We understand how difficult it is to balance Australia's energy objectives while not compromising growth in Australian jobs and the welfare of all Australians.

“We believe this plan strikes an appropriate balance and the BCA calls on the states to work with Canberra as part of a real commitment to delivering a secure energy future for Australia,” he said.



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