BCA Launches Campaign In Support of ChAFTA

08 September 2015

The Business Council of Australia today launched a communications and advertising campaign in support of the most important bilateral trade deal Australia has ever done – the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA).

“The Business Council has taken the extraordinary step of supporting its ongoing advocacy for ChAFTA with a substantial advertising campaign across print, television and online channels because of the risk that misinformation could derail this vital deal with our biggest trading partner,” BCA Chief Executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“Our campaign over coming weeks will reinforce that more trade with China, our biggest trading partner, will unlock more opportunity for thousands of Australian exporters, create more jobs for Australians in local businesses that will grow even more as a result, and more jobs as a result of increased investment into Australia.

“Our beef, dairy and sheep products will have their access to lucrative Chinese middle-class markets unlocked, tariffs will be removed on our coal exports, and new opportunities will be created for our services industries, which already account for about 80 per cent of our economy.

“Australian exports to China are already worth $100 billion a year, and this agreement will deliver hundreds of billions more in lower tariffs on a range of goods including coal and agricultural products, and open up markets for our vital services sector. These are not just numbers – they are jobs.

“The safeguards are in place to ensure Australians reap the benefits of this transformative trade agreement, so let’s back, not block, the hopes of thousands of Australian exporters and thousands of Australian workers who stand to win from this deal.

“Let’s support the free trade agreement with China and help secure economic growth for this and the next generation of Australians,” Ms Westacott said.

Australia + Trade = Opportunity


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