Australia-China CEO Roundtable in Perth - Bran Black closing remarks

18 June 2024

Event: Closing remarks – Australia-China CEO Roundtable Perth
Speakers: Bran Black Chief Executive, Business Council of Australia
Topics: Australia-China CEO Roundtable


Thank you to our Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and thank you your Excellency Premier Li. Can I thank the distinguished guests here present and those with us today as well.

What happens at these roundtables really does set the tone for business-to-business relationships right across our two economies.

They send a signal that commerce between Australia and China is indeed welcomed and to be encouraged.

And I confirm that China and Australia’s most senior business leaders value the opportunity to engage with one another and we look to doing so further.

We need to continue to bring business leaders together, to complement the work of governments, with, as our Prime Minister mentioned, long-lasting personal connections.

The economics of the relationship are, of course, profound. As has been noted a number of times, China is our largest two-way trading partner, and a third of our exports are destined for Chinese shores.

However, I believe there is one fact, separate from the economics, that speaks most eloquently to the quality of the relationship that Australia has with China, and it is this, the second most spoken language in Australian homes is Mandarin.

I share that fact because I believe it goes to the very heart of why all effort must be invested in a prosperous relationship between our nations, including at a personal level between business leaders.

The respective futures of China and Australia are indeed entwined. And the shared opportunities in deeper trade and investment—supported by these personal relationships—are indeed immense.

If I can conclude by quoting from one of our roundtable participants, Mr Gao Jifan of Trina Solar, "turn your face towards the sun, and the shadows will fall behind you." I think that's just the right sentiment.

So thank you once again to our distinguished guests from China and Australia for attending this important event.

I look forward to the next roundtable, and I now declare this session closed.



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