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04 September 2015

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Across our nation thousands of Australian exporters and their employees are poised to benefit from the new Free Trade Agreement with China.

Australia’s strong export ties with China protected the economy against the ravages of the GFC. This vital trade didn’t just happen, it was a direct result of the hard work and determination of Australian exporters.

However, despite their initial success, for years Australian exporters have battled red tape and bureaucracy when they’ve tried to further expand and build their businesses in China.

This agreement finally breaks down those barriers.

By backing Australian exporters this agreement is delivering new opportunities for our exporters in China. That means thousands more jobs for hardworking Australians, so more Australian families have the economic security they deserve.

The legislated safeguards are in place to ensure we reap the benefits.

So let’s back our Australian exporters to take on the world and win.

This is a secure way to diversify and supercharge our economy, not just in mining and agriculture but in local manufacturing, health, education and services.

Let’s not block trade, let’s not block our future.

Let’s support the free trade export agreement with China and help secure economic growth for this and the next generation of Australians.

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