Alison Kitchen

National Chairman, KPMG Australia

Alison is the National Chairman of KPMG Australia.  She is also a member of KPMG’s Global and Regional Boards and is Chair of KPMG’s Global Audit Quality Committee.  In this role, Alison is responsible for holding the firm to the highest professional standards of governance, quality and integrity to engender the trust of KPMG’s people, clients and community. 

Alison has held a variety of management and governance roles within the partnership, as well as serving as External Audit Partner for a range of major ASX listed companies.

Outside of KPMG, Alison is a Board member of the Business Council of Australia, a member of the Tax and Federation Working Group, along with the Women’s Taskforce Committee.  Alison is also a Council member and Finance committee member at the Australia National University.  As well as a Board and Finance committee member at the Belvoir Street Theatre.

Alison has a Bachelor of Business Studies from the University of Sheffield.  She is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and of the Institute in England and Wales.  Alison is also a Registered Company auditor and a Member of the Institute of Company Directors and Chief Executive Women.