Action Plan for Enduring Prosperity: Read the Plan and Give Your Feedback

01 August 2013

The Business Council of Australia’s Action Plan for Enduring Prosperity was released in July 2013 to generate discussion about the structural reform Australia needs to grow the economy and achieve broad social and economic aspirations.

The plan was influenced by advice and input from organisations and individuals across Australian society, and has attracted broad interest and support.

Since its release we have undertaken regional consultations across the country organised by the Regional Australia Institute to better understand how the plan relates to local economic development.

Key aspects of the plan were taken up by the new Australian Government when it came to office in September 2013, and many others are influencing the consideration of reform in interrelated policy areas, including fiscal policy, competition, taxation, infrastructure, regulation and labour market reform.

The Business Council of Australia continues to develop the plan through a number of flagship projects that delve deeper into the detail of what will drive the economic growth needed to maintain, let alone improve, Australian living standards in the face of great change and a vastly more competitive global economic landscape.

The Building Australia's Comparative Advantages research paper, released in July 2014, called for a radical rethink of how Australia understands its economy and plans for wealth creation.

Ongoing activity that builds awareness and support for the plan’s key messages around economic growth and community prosperity remains a priority.

We are grateful for all the feedback we receive from people through our website. Please keep it coming.

Read the plan in full or summary form, and give us your feedback or ideas on how Australia can progress important things that need to be done.



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