Action Plan for Enduring Prosperity: Providing Infrastructure

This booklet, Action Plan for Enduring Prosperity: Providing Infrastructure, is a chapter of the full report of the Business Council of Australia’s Action Plan for Enduring Prosperity.

<[>The action plan identifies 93 recommendations across nine policy areas that can deliver prosperity through well-managed growth. This booklet is focused on providing infrastructure.

If our cities and regions are to be more liveable, more productive and sustainable in the future then the provision of infrastructure must keep pace with population growth. Infrastructure provides the essential transport, water, energy, communications and social services that determine the quality of life for citizens and the competitiveness of our businesses.

These services should be reliable, accessible and of high quality and be equal to anywhere else in the world.

The booklet also contains a suggested approach to the phasing of the policy recommendations and an assessment of their ease of implementation versus their overall importance.