Action Plan for Enduring Prosperity: Embracing Global Engagement

This booklet, Action Plan for Enduring Prosperity: Embracing Global Engagement, is a chapter of the full report of the Business Council of Australia’s Action Plan for Enduring Prosperity.

The action plan identifies 93 recommendations across nine policy areas that can deliver prosperity through well-managed growth. This booklet is focused on embracing global engagement.

Australia needs to engage effectively with other countries in the region and with the rest of the world – recognising that the strength of the economy is underpinned by openness. A deepening of Australia’s international engagement will rely on the free movement of goods, services, people and capital.

We have to maximise the opportunities that arise from our engagement with the global economy by lifting the competitiveness of our domestic firms and markets and by fostering openness and reciprocity on the part of our global partners.

The booklet also contains a suggested approach to the phasing of the policy recommendations and an assessment of their ease of implementation versus their overall importance.