A pragmatic approach to securing critical infrastructure

29 September 2021

The parliament’s intelligence and security committee has made sensible recommendations to secure Australia’s critical infrastructure, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“Getting this right is crucial to position Australia as a leading and secure digital economy.

“The committee’s report charts a practical way forward to keep Australia secure while maintaining our ability to attract investment, create jobs and recover from the pandemic.

“We support the committee’s view that changes be considered carefully against their potential impact on our ability to attract new investment that will be crucial to our economic recovery.

“The two-stage approach the committee is recommending is critical, avoiding unintended consequences by letting business work with government on more complex changes.

“We welcome the committee’s support for many of our recommendations, including that businesses be provided with appropriate immunities and the chance to reply to any decisions or determinations, providing clarity on the timeframes for reporting serious cyber incidents, and the need to align any new obligations with existing best practice.

“Businesses are ready to work with the parliament because Australia cannot afford to have critical infrastructure vulnerable and people’s lives disrupted as the result of interference.”


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