A Welcome Recipe for Community Prosperity

15 July 2010

Statement by BCA President Graham Bradley

The Business Council of Australia has welcomed the focus on productivity and growth in the Prime Minister’s address to the National Press Club today.

BCA President Graham Bradley said the approach was well aligned with the policy benchmarks released by the Business Council of Australia ahead of the 2010 federal election.

“In identifying an economic agenda founded on productivity, growth and participation,
Ms Gillard has identified the ingredients for making the economy stronger for the benefit of all Australians,” said Mr Bradley.

Mr Bradley said the Prime Minister’s address reflected Business Council priorities, including:

  • Disciplined economic management targeting sustainable spending and budget surpluses
  • A reform agenda designed to boost workforce participation and productivity
  • Attention paid to relatively unchartered areas of microeconomic reform, including health and education
  • Regulatory reform towards a seamless national economy

“The Prime Minister’s recognition of the need for the public and private sectors to better understand each other is most welcome,” said Mr Bradley. “It is also pleasing to hear her reject the notion that a successful economy can be achieved by promoting one sector or one region over another.

“On the basis of today’s address, there is much in common between the Prime Minister’s overall approach and our policy benchmarks. “We look forward to seeing detailed policies that will allow the government to deliver on this economic vision for Australia.”

The BCA will assess the election policies of all parties on the basis of its policy benchmarks for the 2010 election.


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