2017-18 budget submission: Better services, better value

16 March 2017

In our Budget submission, we set out a responsible five-pronged strategy to promote stronger growth, better services and increased value from government spending, with the ultimate goal of achieving higher community living standards:

  • an architecture for embedding a systematic approach to improving program outcomes and delivering sustainable budgets, guided and supported by overarching fiscal goals and rules to contain spending and revenue growth and the overall size of government
  • measures to prevent budget slippage in the immediate term including the passage of several blocked savings measures and continued functional and efficiency reviews
  • actions over the medium term across several program areas, including healthcare and education, that would contain growth in outlays at the same time as improving program effectiveness and service quality through better targeting and productivity improvements
  • management of emerging spending risks
  • a suite of policies to promote stronger growth including infrastructure, comprehensive tax and regulatory reforms that should be implemented in tandem with budget repair.

Media Release: Break the Budget deadlock or suffer the consequences

Download a copy of our submission here.


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