2016 Reports and Papers
2016 Indigenous Engagement Survey

Indigenous employment has grown by 30 per cent among Business Council member companies since 2014, our new Indigenous Engagement Survey report shows. Since first conducting the survey in 2009, the number of Business Council member companies with Indigenous engagement activities...

Competitive project approvals

The Business Council is calling for COAG to commit to reform major project planning approvals systems in the States and Territories. Competitive Project Approvals report sets out a best practice model for project approvals that we would like to see...

Realising our full potential: tax directions for a transitioning economy

Australia needs comprehensive tax reform that brings the whole community along and delivers a tax system that works for all Australians. The Business Council wants to steer that debate towards changes that will improve the living standards of all Australians...

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Reports and papers archive

Reports and papers archive

Reports and papers archive