Policy Agenda

Energy and Climate Change

Energy can be a comparative advantage for Australia’s economy for many years to come, but we need a clear and comprehensive suite of policies to realise our energy future.

The Federal Government’s Energy White Paper and the global agreement at the Paris climate change talks set out a range of energy challenges for our economy.

The Business Council of Australia is developing a suite of integrated energy and climate change policies to meet Australia's 2030 emissions reduction target and transform the energy sector.

Underpinning this work is our vision for Australia’s energy future, and policy principles to realise that vision, which aim to provide a stable and predictable environment for investment and business activity and lock in energy as a comparative advantage.

Our energy vision requires the Australian Government’s national energy policy to:

• maximise Australia’s competitiveness through efficient markets

• drive growth in our energy resources development and exports

• deliver reliable, efficient and competitively-priced energy to households and business

• realise these growth opportunities while meeting best practice environmental standards and managing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions in line with our 2030 emissions reduction target.

BCA Secretariat contact for energy and climate change policy issues is Clare Savage, Executive Director, Energy.