About Us

Energy and Climate Change Committee

Regain Australia's energy comparative advantage while implementing a suite of durable, national, climate change policies that are integrated with broader energy policy.

Committee membership

Geoff Culbert, GE Australia & New Zealand (Committee Chairman)
Paul Adams, Jemena
Paul Broad, Snowy Hydro Limited
Frank Calabria, Origin Energy Limited
Alberto Calderon, Orica Limited
Jeff Connolly, Siemens Ltd
Brent Eastwood, JBS Australia Pty Ltd
Kevin Gallagher, Santos Limited
James Gibson, BNP Paribas
Richard Gross, Ausgrid
Nigel Hearne, Chevron Australia
Mike Henry, BHP
Patrick Hill, Jacobs
Andy Holmes, BP Australasia
Graham Kerr, South32
Mark McCormack, APA Group
Robert Milliner, Hon. Member
Paul O'Malley, BlueScope Limited
Richard Owen, ExxonMobil Australia
Julian Segal, Caltex Australia Limited
Anil Snehi, Tata Consultancy Services
Zoe Yujnovich, Shell Australia
Richard Spurio, Allens
Zoe Yujnovich, Shell Australia

The BCA Secretariat contact for the committee is Kieran Donoghue, Special Adviser, Energy and Climate Change